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The convenience of broadcast meets the picture quality of cinema. Get all the benefits of a virtual live show without sacrificing posterity. A live stream with Scratch Takes is one that you will keep online for years to come.

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Studio Sessions

Take advantage of a your next recording studio booking, and get a video live off-the-floor. The microphones are already up and in place, so let's get some cameras in there and film a few tracks in order to promote your release.

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Short Form

Whether it is a narrative or a music video, we can be the partner that brings your idea to life. Our team is made up of producers, directors, lighting technicians, audio engineers, and post-production specialists, so we can help at any stage along the way.

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Let's fix it in post! Scratch Takes' facilities and team can can tackle mixing, mastering, audio/video editing, colouring and delivery. We've delivered projects to spec to some of the largest Canadian and International broadcasters.

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Event Production

There are so many components to an event: ticketing, sales, time management, sound, lights, photography and video. You don't need to do it all, in fact you shouldn't have to. We have experience with galleries, concerts, conferences and virtual events.

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Although video is taking over social media, photography is still as present as ever. Photos dictate our brand identity on the web whether its portraits, thumbnails, or event coverage. Scratch Takes can bundle a photographer into our various offerings.