Meet the team & know our story.

Started in 2016 by McGill University instructor John Castillo, Scratch Takes was a video solution for musicians who needed more content in a fast-paced industry. The name itself, Scratch Takes, embodies this ideology. The objective was to take advantage of studio time for an album recording, bring in cameras, and capture a studio performance that could double as a session video. This allowed artists to take full advantage of their time in a recording studio and get as much out of it as possible. Although Scratch Takes has grown, the underlying purpose has remained the same.


Today, Scratch Takes has its own audiovisual recording studio, which is continuously enhanced to keep up with the needs of our clients. The studio, located at 998 rue Notre Dame, Lachine, is a multi-purpose space suitable for audio and video music recordings, short films, music videos, live streams, and even live performances. As a concert venue, Scratch Takes studios is complete with an online box-office and bar so that our clients can focus on the project at hand and leave the ancillary to us. Scratch Takes continuous to grow for remote work as well as in our studio as a leading force in the video production and live streaming scene of Eastern Canada.

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