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Bringing your vision to life.

Scratch Takes works with companies and independent artists to produce a variety of content.


From concert recordings and live streams to interviews and editorial content,

Scratch Takes works with their clients

to bring their vision to life.

a professional video camera on a jib broadcasting a rock music concert


Video Camera


Started in 2016 by McGill University instructor John Castillo, Scratch Takes was a video solution for musicians who needed more content in a fast-paced industry.


The name itself, Scratch Takes, embodies this ideology. The objective was to take advantage of studio time for an album recording, bring in cameras, and capture a studio performance that could double as a session video.

This allowed artists to take full advantage of their time in a recording studio and get as much out of it as possible.


Although Scratch Takes has grown, the underlying purpose has remained the same.


The convenience of broadcast with the picture quality of cinema. With Scratch Takes, you get all the benefits of a virtual live event without sacrificing posterity. Our live streams are not just fleeting moments; they're recordings you'll cherish for years to come.

From tutorials to thought leadership, we bring your message to life. With our team of producers, directors, lighting specialists, audio engineers, and post-production experts, we can take care of your talking head video project at every step

Whether it is a narrative or a music video, we can be the partner that brings your idea to life. Our team is made up of producers, directors, lighting technicians, audio engineers, and post-production specialists, so we can help at any stage along the way.

For dynamic highlight reels of any event, our expert videography team is your go-to choice. We craft captivating highlights that capture the essence of the occasion in minutes. Trust us to elevate your event content with meticulous editing and attention to detail.

For full-game coverage of your sporting events, trust our skilled sports videography team. We capture every moment, ensuring nothing is missed from kickoff to the final whistle. With professional-quality footage, we bring the excitement of your games to life.

camera icon

Although video is taking over social media, photography is still as present as ever. Photos dictate our brand identity on the web whether its portraits, thumbnails, or event coverage. Scratch Takes can bundle a photographer into our various offerings.

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There are so many components to an event: ticketing, sales, time management, sound, lights, photography and video. You don't need to do it all, in fact you shouldn't have to. We have experience with galleries, concerts, conferences and virtual events.

Whether it's a podcast or a musical masterpiece, we're the partner that brings your audio vision to fruition. With a team comprising producers, engineers, and post-production experts, we provide comprehensive support at every stage of your project.

video editing icon

Whether it is a narrative or a music video, we can be the partner that brings your idea to life. Our team is made up of producers, directors, lighting technicians, audio engineers, and post-production specialists, so we can help at any stage along the way.

For professional technical direction in your productions, we're the team you can rely on. Our experienced technicians ensure smooth operation at every stage, from setup to execution. Trust us to handle the complexities, allowing you to focus on the event.

For standout podcast production, look no further than our expert team. With experienced producers, skilled engineers, and dedicated post-production specialists, we bring your ideas to life with ease, ensuring every episode reaches its full potential from inception to distribution.

Take advantage of a your next recording studio booking, and get a video live off-the-floor. The microphones are already up and in place, so let's get some cameras in there and film a few tracks in order to promote your project or augment your social media.


The Team

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Discover the creative, passionate forces behind Scratch Takes.

Creative Director | CEO

John Castillo

McGill and York University instructor,  John founded Scratch Takes in 2016. He is a leading creative power at Scratch Takes.

portrait of the CEO holding a camera

Producer | COO

Caylamina Roberts

Cayla works tirelessly as a producer, coordinating shoots, taking every creative measure to ensure quality final products!

portrait of the COO

Technical Director

Liz Bellotti

A McGill Sound Recording graduate, Liz is a master of all things technical. She runs cameras, sound, live-streaming and more...

portrait of the technical director posing with a dog

Junior Producer

Vanille Debray

Our junior producer Vanille is active on all fronts: coordination, filming, livestreaming footage on location, and more.

portrait of the junior producer


Alex Francoeur

Alex is Scratch Takes' editing wizard, compiling and cutting footage into lively, engaging and creative videos.

portrait of the video editor

Production Assistant

Priam David

Priam assists on productions and in the office: setting up rigs, building and fixing what needs it, and helping with the filming.

portrait of the production assistant

Chief Morale Officer


Mia, Scratch Take's resident Australian Shepherd, keeps the team in high spirits and is always ready to lend a paw.

portrait of an aussie-border collie dog in the woods
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